Here are how-to guides and tutorials I’ve created to help customers accomplish their goals.

How to back up your Switch save data to the cloud

Screenshot by author showing “New system update available!” announcement in Nintendo News.

Tools: Markdown in a propriety content management system, Nintendo’s built-in screenshots

My assignment was to edit an existing how-to article. The process was outdated after a system update, so I walked through the new process, completely revamped the article, and updated the screenshots.

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How to make the perfect Snowboy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Screenshot by author of Animal Crossing character kicking a snowball in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Tools: Markdown in a proprietary CMS and a web-based gif-maker with Nintendo’s built-in screenshots

I wrote this article after researching and testing each method myself. I recorded the videos and created gifs to clearly illustrate the techniques for readers.

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How to Efficiently Organize a Reference Library in Airtable

airtable reference library howto guide tutorial new field enable rich text formatting
Screenshot by author of Airtable field menu.

Tools: Snagit and WordPress CMS

I designed and built this Reference Library myself, then I created a tutorial for others to replicate and a free template. Continue reading >>

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