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Here are a few how-to guides and tutorials I’ve created to help customers accomplish their goals.

How to Efficiently Organize a Reference Library in Airtable

airtable reference library howto guide tutorial new field enable rich text formatting
Screenshot by author of Airtable field menu.

Tools: Snagit and WordPress CMS

I designed and built this Reference Library myself, then I created a tutorial for others to replicate and a free template.

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How to Back Up Your Switch Save Data to the Cloud

Screenshot by author showing “New system update available!” announcement in Nintendo News.

Tools: Markdown in a propriety content management system, Nintendo’s built-in screenshots

My assignment was to edit an existing how-to article. The process was outdated after a system update, so I walked through the new process, completely revamped the article, and updated the screenshots.

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How to Make the Perfect Snowboy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Screenshot by author of Animal Crossing character kicking a snowball in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Tools: Markdown in a proprietary CMS and a web-based gif-maker with Nintendo’s built-in screenshots

I wrote this article after researching and testing each method myself. I recorded the videos and created gifs to clearly illustrate the techniques for readers.

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