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How Ichiju Sansai Helped Me Get Healthy — and Heal My Relationship With Food

When I was a kid, vegetables didn’t get much attention. My mom would cook some meat and rice, then one of us kids would microwave frozen vegetables, mix in some butter and salt, and call it a day. The important thing is that we ate our vegetables, but I inherited the attitude that vegetables are an afterthought: They are not delicious.

How to Declutter If the KonMari Method Doesn’t Work For You

From the KonMari Method™ to tiny homes, minimalism has been the new hotness for a while, with new books, blogs, and Netflix specials cropping up all the time. It seems that, as we all spend more and more time at home, we’re taking a closer look at our belongings and how to make our homes — and ourselves — feel better while we stay inside.

7 Words That Transformed How I Manage Fear and Anxiety

I’m not saying that I’m completely free of fear and anxiety now (I’m definitely not), but I’m also not that person anymore, thanks to one change I developed over the last few years.