Letting Go of Old Wants and Beliefs

I’ve always wanted a library, so when I started my journey towards intentional living, I assumed I’d be one of those minimal-ish people who lived with generally less but still had a lot of books. The room I envisioned had enough windows to provide plenty of sunlight. A […]

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12 Decluttering Tasks to Welcome 2021

Taking a page out of the Japanese handbook with my version of oosouji As the end of the year fast approaches, I’m thinking about how I can prepare for the year ahead. I haven’t historically been into celebrating New Year’s Eve or Day — if I’m going to […]

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No More Presents, Please + Thank You

What to do if the gift of nothing doesn’t work This content may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. If you subscribe or make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I’ll earn some money at no extra cost to you. Thank you! Spoiling […]

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3 Things You Should Know Before You Start Decluttering

Although I’m no stranger to decluttering, I’m new to minimalism. So in the last few weeks, I’ve read dozens of minimalism blogs and articles as I moved towards this new intention of creating more space in my life. After a while, the blogs all started to sound the […]

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3 Tips For Decluttering When You Can’t Seem to Let Go

Some items need a little more time and attention I have been rigorously decluttering my apartment for the last few weeks in an effort to move towards minimalism, and it’s been tough. I’m no stranger to it, either — I’ve regularly purged my belongings throughout the years. In […]

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