Knowledge Base Articles

Here are a few examples of customer-facing knowledge base articles I’ve written.

**Important note: The Kindara Knowledge Base has been removed. The links below will open a PDF of the selected article.**

9 Reasons to Mark a Temp as Questionable

I wrote this article for the Kindara Knowledge Base to help users understand when to use the Questionable Temperature feature in the Kindara App.

Screenshot by Kindara of a menstrual cycle chart showing a temperature and cervical mucus graph.

Any of the following nine factors can alter your basal body temperature, giving you a higher or lower reading than you would get otherwise. So if any of these factors applies to you, pay close attention to your temperatures and make sure to mark them as ‘questionable’ in the Kindara App if they seem incorrect.

Fertile Peaks and Fertile Valleys

I rewrote this article for the Kindara Knowledge Based to bring it up to current brand standards, update the product images, and improve the overall quality.

Screenshot by author of Kindara chart with Fertile Valley feature enabled.

In Kindara, you can choose whether your charts are displayed using Fertile Peaks or Fertile Valleys, which allows you to customize how your cervical mucus and menstruation is displayed on your charts.

By default, your Kindara chart is set to display your cervical mucus in Fertile Peaks, meaning the higher volume or more fertile cervical mucus that’s entered, the higher the cervical mucus bars will display on your chart in the Chart page. Menstruation bars follow the same pattern of more = taller bars. 

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