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Stress Is Part of Any Job — Here’s How to Cope

At some point in your career, you’ll probably work in a highly stressful environment, and you may end up having to stay longer than you’d like — especially if you’re just happy to have a job or need the experience before you can move on to something better. Whether you’re searching for a new position or trying to make do with the current one, consider exploring what makes the job difficult and using that knowledge to create positive change for yourself. Continue reading >>

What to Ask Instead of “What’s For Dinner?”

In his new stand-up special on Netflix, Jerry Seinfeld jokes about how he’s not allowed to say, “I gotta get something to eat” in his own home. He explains that he could say that to any of his guy friends and it would be fine, but if he says it to his wife, she doesn’t like it. I found this bit funny, but not in the way that he intended — I imagine that his wife has the same bristling reaction to his announcement of hunger that I do every time I’m asked, “What’s for dinner?” Continue reading >>

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Is Real — Let’s Talk About It

Photo by Anthony Nielsen

I uncharacteristically pick trivial fights with my husband, cancel plans with friends, and can’t focus at work. At previous jobs, I’d call in sick because I couldn’t get out of bed or get my head on quite right, and I’d wonder what was wrong with me. Then, a few days after the start of my period, I’d feel like a completely different person. My work and personal productivity would be stellar, I’d apologize deeply to my husband for the fighting, and issues I was crying over that had seemed so urgent just days before simply didn’t bother me anymore.

After many years of enduring this every cycle, I discovered that it’s not normal PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

I’ve been diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Continue reading >>

7 Words That Transformed How I Manage Fear and Anxiety

For a long time, I didn’t like trying new foods, going to new places, or meeting new people and was essentially closed off to new experiences. I was also, to varying degrees, anxious or fearful most of the time; things like confrontation, spiders, heights, strangers, crowds, enclosed spaces, the dark, driving in the dark, waiting in line, not knowing where the bathroom was, or sometimes even just leaving home gave me the stinky stress sweats.

Many of those are unavoidable, but I said “no” more often than I said “yes,” and I was blissfully ignorant in my little bubble of pseudo-safety and comfort.  Continue reading >>

How to Declutter If the KonMari Method Doesn’t Work For You

I started purging with the KonMari Method just like I did a few years ago. This time, though, nothing sparked joy when I held it, and everything somehow ended up in the donation bin — even things that I’d previously cherished. Naturally, as we grow and change, what sparks joy for us will also change, but, well, I panicked a little. Continue reading >>

How I Treated My Shopping Compulsion

I have a menstrual cycle-related mood disorder called premenstrual dysphoric disorder, but even before my diagnosis, I recognized how important self-care is for physical health and mental wellness. Unfortunately for me, what started out as self-care slowly morphed into self-indulgence and then addiction. Continue reading >>

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