The first draft is rarely the final product. I have a special talent for polishing someone’s writing — even my own. As an editor, I make a deliberate effort to provide feedback in a skillful way because my goal is to lift writers up, not put them down. Taking into consideration the purpose of the piece, I aim for brand consistency or to preserve the writer’s voice (depending on the context), and I strive to eliminate redundancies, tighten up the flow, and focus the story.


I edited the excerpt below from What Do the Healthiest Communities Have in Common Besides Exercise and Eating Well? by Kaki Okumura about nature bathing.

The first column is the original text, the middle shows my suggestions, and the last column shows the final version.


Below is an excerpt from my own blog Stress Is Part of Any Job—Here’s How to Cope. When I submitted this blog to a Medium publication, I received feedback that the original article did not have enough credibility. Though I provided 46 reputable sources (see blue underlined text in the image below) supporting the article, I revamped the entire piece to explain concepts more clearly and better reflect the thorough research I conducted. The article now appears in The Post-Grad Survival Guide, a Medium publication with over 44,200 followers as of January 2022.

The first column shows the original and the second column shows the revised text after receiving feedback. The blue underlined text are links to reputable sources supporting that statement.

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