An Important Lesson From My First 6 Weeks Of Seriously Studying Japanese

I’ve only just begun my Japanese learning journey, but I’ve learned something important that I want to share. Before school started, I was casually listening to Japanese podcasts and watching television in Japanese for exposure, especially since I learned The Game-Changing Language Learning Advice That Eased the Pressure. When school started, I started studying in earnest. […]

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Sometimes Quitting Is the Ultimate Self-Care

Self-change. Personal growth. Self-improvement. Growth mindset. Whatever you call it, I’ve been doing it for a long time. Not by reading a bunch of self-help books — though nothing is wrong with that — but by simply being curious and investigating my own patterns and noticing my own thoughts and self-talk. Coupled with mindfulness, this […]

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My Japanese-Inspired Floor Desk: 1 Year Later

This is my third post in a series about my Japanese-inspired floor desk. In case you missed them, check out the first posts below: How I Set Up a Japanese-Inspired Floor Desk My Japanese-Inspired Floor Desk: 6 months later + 5 tips for sitting on the floor Over the last year and a half, my […]

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