Here are a few examples of blogs I’ve written and published, including credible, scientific references.

Stress Is Part of Any Job — Here’s How to Cope

I wrote this blog for my own site, providing actionable tips for stress management and with statements supported by credible references.

At some point in your career, you’ll probably work in a highly stressful environment, and you may end up having to stay longer than you’d like — especially if you’re just happy to have a job or need the experience before you can move on to something better. Whether you’re searching for a new position or trying to make do with the current one, consider exploring what makes the job difficult and using that knowledge to create positive change for yourself. Continue reading >>

What does Kindara do with my fertility data?

I recommended and wrote this blog to the company after our competitors were getting bad press for inappropriate handling of users’ personal information.

We’ve noticed that health apps and privacy have made the news lately, and we understand the concern. Protecting your privacy and data is very important to us, especially considering the nature of our mission and products. So we at Prima-Temp, parent company for Kindara and Priya, wanted to address this question with you directly and showcase our commitment to protecting your personal information and health data. Continue reading >>

Continuous Core Body Temperature, Circadian Rhythms, and Fertility

I wrote and thoroughly researched this blog, distilling a complex topic into digestible, relatable, and on-brand language. It is one of the pillars of educational material for customers about how Prima-Temp’s new product uses continuous core body temperature to help them.

For those who are trying to conceive, tracking basal body temperature, luteinizing hormone, and progesterone have historically been the recommended methods to track your fertility and/or predict ovulation, but now continuous core body temperature and circadian rhythm patterns are emerging as the gold standard for identifying when you are most fertile. Continue reading >>

Phases of the Menstrual Cycle

I wrote this science-based blog to explain all the phases of the menstrual cycle to help educate our audience and answer questions Kindara received in the helpdesk.

The 28-day cycle you may be familiar with is actually an average, so some cycles are longer and some are shorter. In fact, the length of the menstrual cycle can vary from person to person AND from cycle to cycle for each individual throughout life. The ‘normal range’ for a cycle is anywhere from 21 to 35 days. So if your average cycle is 35 days long, that is still considered normal. Cycle length may be affected by a bunch of factors like age, genetics, smoking, diet, exercise, stress levels… So basically, all the things. Continue reading >>

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