Teena at Pismo Beach, CA

Self-change. Personal growth. Self-improvement. Growth mindset.

Whatever you call it, I’ve been doing it for a long time. Not by reading a bunch of self-help books — though nothing is wrong with that — but by simply being curious and investigating my own patterns and noticing my own thoughts and self-talk. Coupled with mindfulness, this journey has been fruitful.

Teena’s work experience ranges from customer service to veterinary medicine to nonprofit fundraising to women’s health. Her journey illustrates her deep curiosity and insatiable desire to learn, and is proof that she is adaptable and can learn absolutely anything.  

The one common thread connecting all of her jobs is technical writing, which she started doing in 2007 by creating internal process documentation for her own tasks. She met with subject-matter experts for training to develop the documents, and during audits, the documentation was incredibly valuable for her teams. She enjoyed the process of writing them, so in every position she’s held since then, she’s created these internal process documentation and has been honing her skills along the way. When the time came for her to move on from any job, the documentation proved worth the time and effort. 

When she learned that technical writing was an actual career, she knew that’s where she belonged. Currently, Teena writes and edits the knowledge base for Kindara App and Priya App, how-to guides for Nintendo Switch and related games for iMore. She also writes tutorials for fun in her spare time.