All the Seating Options I’ve Tried for My Floor Desk

I have been using some variation of a Japanese-inspired floor desk since summer 2019. I’ve tried many iterations for chairs and seating cushions, and I finally found the one that helps me sit comfortably for several hours at a time.

Definitely check out my tips for sitting on the floor, but having the right seating is essential. What works for me won’t work for everyone, so this may require some patience and a little trial and error.

Here are all the options I tried and my favorite set up so far.

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My favorite: Floor seat with lumbar cushion

It took a long time, but I finally figured out my ideal configuration for sitting on the floor at my low desk, at least for now.

This floor chair with back support is great. I’ve tried a few, but this is the best one so far because it doesn’t add too much height. It has a good amount of padding on the seat, and works well with my lumbar cushion (below).

I’ve only had it for a few months, so I’ll update if it doesn’t hold up over time. One reason I went with this chair over other options was because the cover is removable and machine washable, and the seat cushion seems like I could place another cushion on top of it if needed.

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This lumbar pillow is awesome. I’ve never used one before, so I don’t know how it compares to others, but I’ve been enjoying using it with the floor chair above. It is firm and curved how I need it, and I find my back doesn’t hurt after hours of sitting at my floor desk like it used to.

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Also great: Cushion Lab car seat

If you don’t need a back on your seating or you have something else to lean on, I really liked the Cushion Lab car seat. It’s slim enough that it doesn’t cause a problem if you want to stretch your legs out in front of you, but it has enough padding to be comfortable.

When I was using this cushion, I preferred to use it on top of a zabuton, but it would probably work fine with a blanket or towel folded underneath. It may work directly on the floor if you have super plush carpet.

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Other options

I tried so many other options that I ended up switching out for some reason or another. Whether or not they work for you will depend on your body and your setup.

Bare carpet or just a zabuton

I really wanted sitting on the bare floor to work, but it was too firm for my rear. I tried a zabuton, and it worked if the zabuton was thick enough, but it didn’t offer much help in the way of sitting up with proper posture. Sitting on bare floor or a thin cushion might work, so this is a good first step to try if you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend a ton of money.

Crescent buckwheat zafu

I tried this after sitting on the floor because I already had one for meditation. This worked for a while, but eventually it became a strain on my legs.

It’s too tall to sit with my legs straight out in front of me, and I like to move my legs to different positions when I’m sitting on the floor. This might work for you if you like to sit in cross legged positions or with your knees upwards (sort of like a squat), but that may not work depending on how close you like to sit to the desk or table.

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Gaiam yoga bolster

This Gaiam yoga bolster is awesome for yoga or setting under your knees for corpse pose — or when you’re just lying on the floor. Right now, I’m using it as a foot rest under my computer desk.

I tried sitting on it at my floor desk, but it was too high and weirdly shaped to be comfortable. It didn’t provide enough support for my knees if I tried to sit cross legged, and it was too high to stretch my legs out in front of me.

It’s a quality bolster with a removable cover for washing, so if you need or have one for yoga already, it’s worth trying at your desk.

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I tried another bolster of a similar size and shape that was filled with buckwheat (it doesn’t seem to be for sale anymore), but that had the same issues as this. It was also a little too firm and a bit difficult to get a consistent height since the filling was constantly shifting. In an effort to help with the firmness, I crammed a long piece of foam into the cover (from another cushion I was no longer using), and that seemed to help, but ultimately it didn’t work as seating for me.

In closing

There are so many different solutions for seating, and it can be fun to explore all the options — but it might also be frustrating. When I was setting up, I really wanted to figured it out so I could sit comfortably and do what I wanted to do at my desk without being uncomfortable and constantly thinking about being uncomfortable or worrying about whether I was damaging my body somehow.

Remember that your body needs to move after sitting for a while. No cushion or floor seating will allow you to sit unmoving for hours on end without taking care of your body. Take breaks, stretch, and change position often.

I hope you find something that works for you!