Lovesac Sactional Update: 1 Year Later Review

One of my biggest concerns when we bought our Lovesac Sactional was if it would last long enough to justify the steep cost.

It’s been almost a year, so I thought I’d share our experience to help people make the decision. If you want to read more about our whole experience with Lovesac, check the links below.

The covers

The corded velvet covers still look pretty much brand new. They don’t attract cat hair like we thought, and you can’t really tell where the cats used their claws to get on the couch. The tight weave was the perfect choice for Lovesac covers in our catful household.

We haven’t had any major stains or spills on the couch, so I can’t report on that. But not long ago, we spilled almost an entire bottle of water on the couch, and the water soaked through the cushions and right down to the bases. We took that part of the couch apart to allow the pieces to dry thoroughly, which was super convenient.

But doing so revealed that crumbs get stuck in between the bases. It’s pretty gross, and if you spill something more nefarious than water, it could be a sticky mess between your bases.

Last summer when the weather was really warm, ants got in and swarmed all over the couch. So if you have an issue with bugs, I would recommend not eating on the couch because disassembling and cleaning between the bases is a pain.

The cushions

We chose the standard cushions from Costco instead, and I’m glad we did. I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think the softer cushions would stand the test of time based on our experience with the standard cushions. The standard cushions soften up quickly, and we found that if we don’t rotate them, the couch becomes uncomfortable.

To maintain comfort, the cushions need to be rotated about once per month. I don’t know if any couch can be comfortable long term if you don’t rotate the cushions, but it’s worth noting. We never did this with previous couches, which could be why our other couches were so uncomfortable. How often you rotate the cushions may also depend on how your couch is set up and how much time you spend on it.

We have it set up like a pit couch (3 x 2). So if we don’t rotate the cushions, the cushions we’re sitting on sink lower than the cushion our legs are on, creating an awkward angle for the knees. When I describe it that way, it sounds pretty dramatic. It’s not, but it’s enough of a difference that my legs feel the difference. It does become more pronounced the more time I spend on the couch, and it may be worse for me than it is for my husband because I’m petite and my legs don’t weigh down the front cushion. Again, your mileage may vary.

The modular style

The modular style was a selling point for us since we thought we might move soon, and we wanted a couch that would fit in whatever new space we landed in. We haven’t moved yet, but we still liked the idea of having a couch we could rearrange if we wanted to.

Here’s the catch: Reorganizing the couch is more complicated than Lovesac would have you believe. It’s also harder to get the couch aligned and set up the way you want than is convenient for quick moves. When we originally bought the couch, we thought we’d switch it up when company came over, but that definitely hasn’t happened. On the other hand, the pit couch is plenty comfortable for our usual movie night crew (4 adults), so it’s fine with us.

General comfort

If I sit or lie down on or near the edge of the cushion for an extended period of time, I can feel the hard edge of the base. Most people don’t sit on the edges, so it’s probably fine, but it’s noticeable enough that it’s worth mentioning. Also, depending on if you have the couch set up with deep seating, you might end up sitting close to the edge more often.

If you and your sweetheart like to cuddle on the couch, it can be a bit awkward if you’re each on your own cushion because of that hard edge underneath. If you use standard seating and can fit on one cushion together, that tends to be more comfortable than sinking toward the cracks.

When I read reviews about this couch, one of the complaints was that the back was uncomfortable because it is not slanted. When I first talked about the couch, that didn’t bother me, but as time wore on, I started to see what they meant. I recently started using the large throw cushion with a regular sleeping pillow to support my back instead of the actual back cushion, and that’s helped a lot. YMMV.

Upgrades and additions

We purchased power hubs to go into the sides from Etsy. This seemed like a great idea in theory, but not so much in practice. The cushions block those holes, which creates two issues: 1) the outlets aren’t convenient to get to if you want to plug or unplug something, and 2) wall warts may not fit. It’s fine if you just run a cable through, but anything else may be a tight fit or won’t fit at all.

As I mentioned, the downsides of buying Lovesac from Costco is that you can’t customize the couch. I think the couch would be even more comfortable with deep seating, but the Costco bundle doesn’t offer the different side options to do that, and we didn’t want to spend more money to replace the sides. I also wanted to replace at least one of our seats with a storage base, but it’s hard to justify $925 for a little more storage. We would have opted for the upgrade if we were configuring our own couch, but it’s an expensive upgrade that we can easily procrastinate.

Also, the fuzzy, footed blankets that came with the Costco bundle are still a favorite. I keep thinking about buying more, but they’re too expensive!

In closing

I’m still obsessed with the couch, but it’s possible I’m more obsessed with the pit couch shape versus the Lovesac itself.

The modular feature is still important to us, even though moving is further into the future now than it was when we bought this couch.

The Lovesac is great for guests to sleep on when they’re visiting and for general falling asleep in front of the TV. You do have to make sure you’re lying on the cushions properly so you don’t end up in the cracks, but other than that, it’s great. And when my husband was sick, it was nice to have the option to sleep on the couch easily without a lot of hubbub around setting it up like with a sleeper sofa or futon.

I still recommend this couch to my friends when they ask, but I also point them to all my blogs about it so they know what they’re getting into.