My Thoughts on the Lovesac Sactional: 2 months later

If we’d purchased our couch directly from Lovesac, now would have been the time to decide whether or not to cash in on the 60-day guarantee, so here I am with an update.

As this milestone approached, I started thinking critically about our experience with the couch.

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We have had to fluff the back cushions and rotate the seat cushions several times in the 2 months we’ve had it (but we probably should have been doing that on our old couch and we weren’t). If that’s too much work for you, maybe another couch would be better. I’m really got we bought the standard foam instead of either of the softer options because I don’t think the soft versions would do well over time. If you sit on the couch as much as we do, you definitely feel the standard foam getting broken in pretty quickly. That’s why we started rotating them already.


For the first 6 weeks or so, we had the couch covered with an electric blanket, so I can’t yet say how the covers will stand up to long-term use, but I can say they’ve handled our cats’ sharp claws beautifully. Our cats don’t use the couch as a scratching post, so I don’t know how the covers would do at that extreme, but for regular use, it seems to be doing well. Our heavier girl uses her claws a bit to get up the side, and the cats have all dug into the couch when getting pets, and so far, the couch doesn’t have any snags or anything. It also feels pretty nice against your skin if you’re sitting on it without pants. I’ll report back if it gets really sweaty in the summer or starts to otherwise show wear. Overall, I’d say the corded velvet is a winner for the cats and for us.

I’m only slightly embarrassed to say we haven’t washed the covers yet, so I can’t report on how the covers wash, but I want to point out that the instructions say to hang dry the covers. That means you’d either not be able to sit on your couch or have to sit on the bare cushions for hours. We’re planning to wash the covers only in the summer when they’ll dry fairly quickly.


Some people don’t like the way the back of the couch is lower than a normal couch and perpendicular to the seat. This is something I was pretty concerned about since our previous couch had a slant. The back cushions are soft and I’ve always used a lumbar cushion on any couch, so it’s not a problem for me. My husband doesn’t mind either, although he tends to sit low on the couch, so that’s probably factor. I’m pretty forgiving in this area because I’ve never sat on a couch that didn’t need some kind of modification for the back.

In closing

Of course, all of this is subject to your preference, body, couch usage, and all that. For example, a lot of my body pain resolved after we got this couch. I’m not saying it’s a magical cure-all, but my theory about the old couch causing my body pain must have been right because my knees and hips don’t hurt anymore. Woo!

I waited over 2 months to get some experience with the couch before I wrote and posted this, but honestly, we knew almost immediately that we would keep the couch.


I’ve been obsessed with it.

Everything I can do on the couch, I do. Since we got the couch, my productivity on personal projects has dropped significantly. I had to force myself to return to my desk to write this post because my wrists miss my ergonomic keyboard, and the natural light is better at my desk. But dare I say, if I could spend 24 hours on this couch, I probably would.

I’ve done pretty much everything on the couch that you can think of, including spending many consecutive hours sitting on it. The verdict is in: It’s a keeper.