5 Storage Solutions Under $20 That Make Life Just a Little Easier

I’m all about keeping my home tidy, especially since I’ve been spending a lot more time here. I found that all the little inconveniences around my home would annoy me every time I came across them: Not being able to find a lid, puddles on my bathroom counter, digging around in drawers for the right measuring spoon.

I used to make do with the way things were, but when I started organizing, I realized how much those little annoyances added up — and how much better I feel when I everything is organized. Not only can I find everything easily, but I can also clean up faster and easier.

These aren’t major changes, but I am all about making life as smooth as possible — at least with the things I can control. Here are 5 things under $20 that I used to make life just a little easier.

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Electric Toothbrush Head Holder

Photo of electric toothbrush head holder by author

This self-draining electric toothbrush head holder is great! It helps your toothbrush head dry faster and prevents gunk from accumulating on your toothbrush handle or in some other holder.

I use this toothbrush organizer for my Sonicare toothbrush, and the brush heads fit perfectly. I usually avoid buying plastic items, but this was too good to pass up. If they ever made this in a stainless steel version, I’d definitely go for it!

Space-Saving Wide-Mouth Mason Jar Lid Tower

Photo of mason jar lid storage by author

This canning jar lid tower is so convenient. I was always fumbling around my cabinets and drawers for my Ball jar lids before, but now they’re always organized and in easy reach.

I thought this would be flat packed, but it was shipped already assembled. This made shipping a little more expensive, but if you are not able or prefer not to assemble things, this is a great benefit.

RABBLA Bamboo and Fabric Bin with Compartments

Photo of RABBLA bin by IKEA

The RABBLA bin with compartments is one of my favorite storage bins. I use a couple around my apartment to keep smaller items organized in various places. I really like the subtle colors, and I’m a sucker for anything made with bamboo.

The bamboo rim on the top of the bin rests on the inner dividers, so you can’t really use the bin with the dividers. IKEA does have other bins in this style without the dividers, but they are different sizes.

madesmart Drawer Organizers

Before I bought these madesmart drawer organizers, my drawer was a mess. My spatulas were all over the place, and I could never find the right measuring cup or spoon. Then I bought madesmart drawer organizers, and I’m not exaggerating when I say they bring me joy every time I open the drawer. I can always find what I need at a glance, and it is so pleasing.

The trick with drawer organizers is to only buy what you need. I was lucky this 3-tray bin set was exactly what I needed, but you may not need to buy a set.

Often when I buy a prepackaged set, I would get at least one piece that isn’t quite the right size or shape; the larger the set, the more likely this will happen. When I needed to reorganize my drawers, I did 2 important things first: assess and measure.

First, I assessed the drawer’s contents. Did everything that was here belong together? Did I want to remove or add anything else? Once I had everything together, I imagined what the best way to store them to make sure everything was easily accessible and organized.

Then I measured the drawer to see what available solutions would fit in the space. Now everything is organized and I can always find what I need. These bins don’t lock together, so if they don’t fill your drawer, you’ll need a way to keep them from sliding around. I use rubber drawer liner and keep my cleaning rags in the drawer with them, so they more or less stay in the same spot.

Photo of madesmart in-drawer organizers by author

Small Under Desk Drawer

I’m pretty particular about keep the surface of my desk neat, but I’m also particular about unnecessarily taking up floor space, so I didn’t want to buy a whole set of drawers just for the small items that I need within an arm’s reach of my computer.

This small under desk drawer is an inexpensive solution to keep the little things out of sight without taking up desk or floor space.

It was easy to install and seems to have a pretty solid grip on the underside of my desk. I haven’t tried to move or remove it, but one of the reviews said it was impossible to re-position; keep that in mind before you stick it to anything. I’ll report back if I ever try to remove it.